Pet health is our passion

Every Aussie pet deserves to live their best life with their forever family. At Pet Health Insurance Services we believe that responsible pet ownership and pet health start with pet insurance.

Pet Insurance provides pets and their parents with support and security when they need it most. Helping pets to live their best lives with their families for the long-term!
Hear from some of the pet parents who trust Pet Health Insurance Services...

Don’t just take our word for it

"Cannot speak highly enough of their claims team, our dog needed major back surgery and luckily we had coverage with our pet insurance."
"It is the first time I've had pet insurance and I was up and down about if I should keep it or not but I definitely will now for both my dogs."
Rebecca J
“I would highly recommend, they professionally took care of my pet's expenses!”
“Easy, pain free and great results.”
"Super reliable service that has helped us in our darkest times."
Our pet insurance was very speedy in their time processing and got my payment as quickly as expected.

NEW: Pet Age Calculator

Use our new tool to understand your pet's age. Knowing your pet's age in human years can help you provide better care and attention.

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for pet parents

How old is your pet… really?

It is common knowledge that human age and pet age are not the same. The general understanding is that 1 year of a human's life is equivalent to 7 years for a dog or cat.

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for pet parents

How to save on pet insurance

As a prospective pet owner, you many be considering whether the cost pet insurance is actually worth it, read this to get a look at the areas it could cover you and your pet.

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